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Design for Screen

The website’s goal is to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans. To achieve this goal, I created a userfriendly website that makes it easy for the user to help.

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Farm Fresh to you

Farm Fresh to You is an American based company that will start selling its product in my area. It wants a new logo and brand design tailored to local needs and the market.

I went for a logo that works well on top of photos, using images to sell the product. I created a range of examples of photos & logos and a guide for using these. They will be used in social media and local newspapers to make the brand known, in addition to the webpage and packaging. The cars with the car wrap will also be very noticeable.

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Design History – Folded Leaflet

The task was to present recent graphic design history in an innovative brochure style, designed for a graphic design student's use. I wanted the booklet to lay flat on a table or floor, having the pop-ups instantly show the era's design. I wanted it to be a direct and fun form of communication. I think I achieved a good and fun design. Moreover, I tied the history of design to the current affairs of the time, combining them with the most influential designers from the period.

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Product Advertising

For this project, we should produce an advertising A2 poster for Gågaten. Then, using photography and graphic elements like typography and a logo, we should do shopping at this locating appealing. We should combine nighttime photography with product photography and make people want to go shopping and I am pleased with my product photo of the shoes. The night time photos worked well too. I made a logo for Gågata, but used Adidas as the main focus logo.

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